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16-gauge, zinc-coated, 2-3/4" deep. Featuring polypropylene guide runners to assure smooth operation and prevent steel-on-steel contact. Curtain Windlocks 10-gauge, zinc-coated steel, secured to door with two 3/16" rivets. Windlock Bar Galvanized, 12-gauge with holes for fastening to jamb every four inches. Placed inside the guide Aluzinc Garage Doors Johannesburg Professional The coating is composed of 55% aluminium, 43,4% zinc and 1,6% silicon. The coating is applied to the flat steel surfaces by way of a continuous hot dip galvanizing process. Zinc-aluminium (ZA) alloys are alloys whose main constituents are zinc and aluminium.

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Oct 20, 2016 · Steel or metal doors are oftentimes used due to cost efficiency and durability. In order to enhance the maximum performance of steel or metal doors, these are most often galvanized. The process of galvanizing refers to the application of a zinc coating to steel sheets through a process referred to as a continuous hot-dip. B STEEL WEATHERIZED ROLL-UP DOOR - ConstructionSTEEL WEATHERIZED ROLL-UP DOOR BEST ROLL-UP DOOR, INC. 2 6. Spring Counterbalance - Counterbalance:Housed in a steel pipe, maximum deflection of 0.03" per foot of door width is achieved by having the appropriate diameter and wall thickness. - Springs:Helical torsion with a 25% overload factor for ease of operation and are greased packed Commercial Industrial Door Sales, Installation, Service Roll formed clear acrylic coated galvanized 24 guage steel bottom bar with PVC bulb astragal:Locks:Zinc coated steel latch accepts all industry padlocks:Operation:Manual Drive; non-rotting rope attached to inside angle. Optional electric operation. Colors:Warranty:Available in 19 standard colors

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Constructed of Interlocking, roll-formed 3 galvanized or stainless steel dual walled flat slats, 1 thick, Structural Quality Grade D, as per ASTM-A653/A653-M with Polystyrene or CFC-Free Foamed-in-Place Polyurethane insulation providing an R-value of 9.00 (U-Factor of 0.111) that provides protection against air infiltration and life-threatening weather conditions. Garage Door, Roll up door and commercial door, terms and Roll formed clear acrylic coated galvanized steel BOTTOM BAR reinforced with a 2 x 1-1/2 11 gauge full width galvanized angle that extends fully into the guides. The PVC bulb astragal provides positive contact with floor. Lift handle (s) installed on exterior side of bottom bar and a non-rotting pull rope is attached to the inside angle. Light Duty Roll Up Doors - Light Gauge Overhead Doors DBCILight-Duty Roll-Up Doors. DBCI offers a variety of light-duty roll-up doors that are ideal for self-storage, recreational, agricultural and storage uses. The 1900 Series and 2000 Series roll-up doors are available with electric motors and multiple mounting material options for ease of use including steel, wood, masonry and concrete.

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Zinc coating to protect steel against corrosion. Slats and hoods made of steel are galvanized. Optional on other steel surfaces. Gauge (Gage) U.S. Standard that specifies that weight per square foot would be indicated by gauge numbers, i.e. 20 gauge. Used to describe metal thickness. Gear End Rolling Steel Marine Doors, Dock Port Doors, Pier Doors These coiling doors and rolling steel doors are ideal for use in factories, parking garages, harsh environments, airports, rolling loading docks, ferry loading dock doors, and helicopter hanger doors. SECTION 08330 ROLLING SERVICE DOORS - Overhead a. Curved profile type C-187 for doors up to 15 feet 4 inches (4.67 m) wide, fabricated of:** NOTE TO SPECIFIER ** Select one of the following paragraphs and delete the ones not required. 22 gauge galvanized steel is standard. 1) 24 gauge galvanized steel. 2) 22 gauge galvanized steel. 3) 20 gauge galvanized steel. 4) 18 gauge galvanized steel.

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Made from #22-gauge galvanized steel as standard and formed to fit the contour of the end brackets. Optional material in stainless steel. Equipped with a neoprene air baffle. Finish Options:#4 stainless steel or powder coated to match curtain. LOCKING Option 1:Slide bolt locks on the bottom bar. (With electric interlocks to prevent damage.) gdr40; Janus International; Series 850-S Steel Roll Up The steel roll up doors specified in this evaluation report consist of the following components: Guides:12-gauge galvanized steel roll-formed from ASTM A 653 steel. The dimensions of the guide diameter zinc coated rivets.Introduction to Steel Doors and FramesGalvannealed steel is still zinc coated without the spangled look and is generally coated at A40 or A60. A40 is the minimum recommended weight, while A60 offers better corrosion protection. It is not recommended to go higher than A60 because it reduces paint adhesion. Galvannealed steel is also known as paintlok for its excellent paint adhesion, which is why it is by far the most common type of steel used in hollow metal doors