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(7 marks) The 40 mm diameter A- 36 steel shaft is

The shearing stress of a solid shaft is not to exceed 40 N/mm2 when the torque transmitted is 20000 N.m. Determine the minimum diameter of the shaft. The 40 mm diameter A- 36 steel shaft is subjected to torques shown in figure. Determine the angle (PDF) . Machine Design Preboard- Taga Busay III The diameter of the shell is 150 cm. Find the required thickness of the cylinder based on yield point of 480 MPa net endurance limit of 205 MPa and a factor of safety of 2.5 A. 21.20 mm C. 23.83 mm B. 22.21 mm D. 20.72 mm 45. A 100 mm diameter solid shaft is to be replaced with a hollow shaft equally strong (torsion) and made of the same material.

2. (6 points) A solid constant-diameter shaft is subjected

1. (4 points) A hollow aluminum shaft with an outside diameter of 100 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm has an allowable shear stress of 40 MPa. Determine the maximum torque T that may be applied to the shaft. 2. (6 points) A solid constant-diameter shaft is subjected to the torques shown. The bearings shown allow the shaft to turn freely. A Solid Shaft Has Diameter 80 Mm. It Is Subjected To A Description :A solid circular shaft of diameter 100 mm is subjected to an axial stress of 50 Mpa. It is further subjected to a torque of 10 kNm. The maximum principal stress experienced on the shaft is closest to (a) 41Mpa (b) 82 Mpa (c) 164 Mpa (d) 204 Mpa. Answer :(b) 82 Mpa EXAMPLE 5 - ETUThe gears attached to the fixed-end steel shaft are subjected to the torques shown in Fig. 520a. If the shear modulus of elasticity is 80 GPa and the shaft has a diameter of 14 mm, determine the displacement of the tooth P on gear A.The shaft turns freely within the bearing at B. T DE = 170 N m (b) 40 N m 280 N m 150 N m (a) P 40 N·m 280 N

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Q.3:A solid shaft of 200 mm diameter is proposed to be replaced by a hollow shaft of external diameter two times the internal diameter. If, the same power is to be transmitted at the same speed and at the same level of shear stress. Find the size of hollow shaft. [d=102.17mm & D=204.34mm] Quistion 1 (5 marks) A solid shaft of 150 mm diameter is transmitted by the shaft if the maximum shear stress induced to the shaft is 45 N/mm2. Quistion 2 (7 marks) The 20 mm diameter A-36 steel shaft is subjected to torques shown in figure. Determine the angle of twist of the end B. (take G = 75 Gpa). Solved Problems:Design of Shafts and Couplings= 48.7 say 50 mm . Find the diameter of a solid steel shaft to transmit 20 kW at 200 r.p.m. The ultimate shear stress for the steel may be taken as 360 MPa and a factor of safety as 8. If a hollow shaft is to be used in place of the solid shaft, find the inside and outside diameter when the ratio of inside to outside diameters is 0.5. Solution

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The maximum and minimum shear stresses in a hollow circular shaft of outer diameter 20 mm and thickness 2 mm, subjected to a torque of 92.7 N.m will be (A) 59 MPa and 47.2 MPa (B) 100 MPa and 80 MPa