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16MnCr5 is an alloyed case hardening steel used for e.g. mechanical engineering components.The steel can be M-treated in order to optimize the machinability. For additional Heat Treatment Data, please visit the Heat Treatment Guide. 16MnCr5 16MnCr5 Round bar Supplier National Steel 16MnCr5 finds its application in industries where high tensile strength materials are required. Due to the good machinability of 16MnCr5, it is used to make machine parts like shafts, arms, rollers, nuts and bolts, crankshafts, gears, etc. It is used for electricity projects, civil engineering projects, mechanical engineering projects, etc.

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16mncr5 alloy steel round bar. Us $1000-5000 / ton ( fob price) 15cr3 alloy steel bar,alloy steel round bar. Us $600-1500 / ton ( fob price) Filesteel alloy steel round bar. Us $700-1500 / ton ( fob price) Scm420 alloy steel round bar. Us $500-1500 / ton ( fob price) 16MnCr5 Carburized Gear Steel Bar, EN 10084 Product Detail. 16MnCr5 (1.7131) is a type of case-hardened steel specified in EN 10084 for car gear application. 16MnCr5 has good hardenability and machinability. High surface hardness, wear-resistance and low-temperature impact toughness can be obtained after heat treatment for large section parts, carburized and hardened 16MnCr5 steel rods 16MnCrS5 - Ovako16MnCrS5 is a grade with improved machinability. It is recommended for applications with high demands on mechanical properties, machinability and surface quality. It is also suitable for case hardening and has good weldability. For additional Heat Treatment Data, please visit the Heat Treatment Guide.

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This page cover the 16 MnCr 5/16MnCr5 Chemical element, Mechanical Properties, 16MnCr5 Datasheet, Cross Reference of 16MnCr5 Mainly used for Case hardening steels. Grades and types. Datasheet for Steel Grades Special Alloy GS-16MnCr5This page is mainly introduced the GS-16MnCr5 Datasheet, including chemicalinformation,mechanical properties, physical properties, mechanical properties, heattreatment, and Micro structure, etc. It also contains the use of GS-16MnCr5,such asit is commonly used in bars, sheet,plates, steel coils, steel pipes,forged and othermaterials application. Flash butt welding application on 16MnCr5 chain steel and Jan 01, 2006 · In this study, the flash butt welding of 16MnCr5 steel, which is used mostly in chains, was studied. By holding the build up current time constant, build up pressure is increased. The effect of build up pressure on welding is investigated.


Strength Character Application 1.0577 DIN:AFNOR:AISI:S 355 J2 (St 52-3) A 52 FP A738 C Si Mn 0.22 0.55 1.60 550 N/mm² Structural steel unalloyed, with good weldability For common applications in mould and die making and machine and jig construction 1.1730 DIN:AFNOR:AISI:C 45 U XC 48 1045 C Si Mn 0.45 0.30 0.70 640 N Materials Free Full-Text Microstructure and Abrasive The low carbon 16MnCr5 grade ferritic-pearlitic steel, representing a common material for industrial production of forestry chipper tools, was used in the present study as a substrate reference material for hard surfacing. Its chemical composition is shown in Table 1. P.R.K. Multi Components - Supplying COMPONENTS and P R Kedarnath Multi components is a 3 decade young manufacturing organization located in Bangalore, India, with a production infrastructure of 50,000 sq ft, employing 200+ people and certified for IATF 16949 (earlier TS16949) & ISO14001. We are, engaged in the business of supplying HIGH PRECISION MACHINED COMPONENTS and SUB-ASSEMBLIES to

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Application:Case hardening steel for auto, machinery and plant construction Possible delivery options Options Mill edge (NK) Cut edge (GK) pickled unpickled slit trimmed cut to length annealed not annealed precidur ® 16MnCr5 NK or GK or General thickness tolerances Premium 5115 - Abrams Industries USATechnical properties . Cold work and plastic mould steel (group of case hardening steel) with the objective of high surface hardness with core toughness. Excellent machinability, good cold hobbing and polishing properties. The tensile strength is a result of the combination of hardened surface and tough core. Applications. Sunflag Steel Application of EquipmentSunflag Steel has listed end application of steel-grades produced at Sunflag from the very beginning of the process to the end of application. SAE8617/16MnCr5/20MnCr5. Transmissions & Gear Boxes Gear Steel SCM 415 H/ 420 H, SCr 415 H / 420 H, 20MnCr5 / 16MnCr5, SAE 8620H / EN353

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Application Steel grade 16MnCr5 is used for surface hardening when grouting, nitrocarburising, nitriding and for other types of surface chemical-thermal treatment. It is used to make shafts, axles, gears, gear wheels, bolts, levers and other transport and machine-building components.