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Commonly known as COR-TEN or Corten Steel. The name Corten is a trademark name held by United States Steel Corporation for their grade of A 242 weathering Steel. This name is commonly used in Australia to refer to Weathering Steels and the many forms of weathering steels that are imported under the name Corten while not being sourced from the US. COMPOSITE CLADDING, STAINLESS STEEL CLADDING, SOLID · Stainless Steel Cladding Stainless steel cladding is durable and weather resistant .it is used for the architectural reason. it is used in multiple thicknesses as per the requirement of the architect. also, it can be curved or straight, the finish of stainless-steel cladding can be mirror or brush finish or mat finish as per the requirement of the engineer.

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CorTen steel sheet is supplied un-weathered and will take several months to reach its stable orange brown finish, therefore, the metal you buy may well differ at first from the image shown. The weathering process is accelerated by atmospheric pollutants so weathering of CorTen will be faster in cities, urban areas, and coastal locations than out in the countryside. Corten Cladding Effect - MetallineCorten Steel is created by combining a mixture of steels and alloys. It is this combination that creates its unique rusting properties as well as its distinctive appearance. As a result, Corten steel is commonly used in outdoor applications or environments where normal steel would be inclined to rust. Corten Steel Cladding Copper Cladding - NES SolutionsCorten Cladding. NES Architectural are experts in the design, fabrication, patina and installation

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Corten Steel Panels for Cladding and Roofing - Rusted Corten Steel Cladding Sheets Corten Steel Cladding Sheets Cor-ten A weather resistant steel offers those traditional values of hard wearing rugged endurance and old world visual appeal alloyed with an extraordinary vision of modernity and an environmentally friendly future. Corten Steel MetalineCorten Steel is a weathering Steel which has extensively been used around the world for creating sculptures over the past few centuries. The new trend is to use this in manufacturing of planters, cladding and screens. Additionally, in combination with V-grooving and other machines, our expert craftsmen are able to produce a wide variety of Corten Steel Panels for Cladding and Roofing - Rusted Dec 06, 2016 · Structural beams and supports. The colour, texture, and weather resistant qualities make Corten cladding and roofing products perfectly suited for any project that demands a spectacular visual statement. Its core strength and flexible applications make it ideal for:Industrial roofing and cladding

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Corten Rain Screen Cladding. Corten Rain Screen Corners. Corten Rain Screen Window. Corten Retaining 450mm tall with capping. Corten Retaining 600mm tall with capping. Corten Retaining 750mm tall with capping. Corten Retaining 900mm tall with capping. Corten Retaining Fence 900mm x 900mm. Corten Retaining Panel Prices. Corten steel sheets S355WMetal Sheets Ltd are suppliers of natural and rusted Corten Steel and Weathering Steel sheet. We also manufacturer corten and weathering steel signage, corten and weathering steel planters and corten and weathering steel raised garden beds.. We produce a rust patina quickly on Corten and Weathering Steel by speeding up the natural rusting process, it takes just a few days, whereas in nature Home - Corten Australia by Cladding AustraliaMay 15, 2019 · CORTEN AUSTRALIA Another great product brought to Australia by CLADDING AUSTRALIA. Cladding Australia supplies CORTEN made by SSAB (RUUKKI) Europe, licensed by U.S.Steel to guarantee the highest quality. We supply only raw materials, coils and flat sheets of real Corten, across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore , Europe

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The standing seam cladding panel is connected by strong, folded connections. Because of its concealed fixing details, it is a popular choice for architects across all typologies. You can use standing seam systems with many types of metals, such as aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel, zinc, weathering (Corten) steel, and titanium. Snaplock corten steel - rusted wall cladding / panels CORTEN CLADDING. Architectural Cladding Australia Pty Ltd only use the genuine Corten® A steel, from United States Steel Corporation. Corten® A is a weather resistant steel which could more accurately be termed as an "Atmospheric Corrosion Resistant Steel". It is a copper chromium alloy steelthis alloy displays a greater level of resistance to atmospheric weathering when compared to other unalloyed Corten Flat Sheets Corten Coil Tube and PipeCorten channels in stock. Corten A588 weathering steel channels in 20 feet lengths. Welded Wire Mesh (A242) We carry A242 Welded Wire Mesh Panels. 60" x 120" 12 gauge :Perforated Corten Perforated Flat Sheets Available in A606-4 (aka Corten). Flats Are In stock at 48" Widths.11,16,22 gauge in stock. Custom fabrication is available.