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NITRONIC 60 Stainless Steel is available in bar, master alloy pigs, ingots and forging billets. Forms available from other manufacturers using melt include sheet and strip, castings, extrusions, seamless tubing and plate. NITRONIC 60 Stainless Steel is covered by U.S. Patent 3,912,503. 6SHFLÀFDWLRQV Carlson Alloy Nitronic 60 - spacematdbNitronic 60 is superior to that of any other stainless steel. It resists wear, tearing or freeze up of both the primary and contact materials over a wide range of service temperatures. The elevated temperature wear resistance of Nitronic 60 is excellent despite its relatively low hardness when compared with cobalt and nickel-base wear alloys.

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Nitronic® 60 Weld Wire Used in applications that require wear resistance and anti-galling (such as metal to metal sliding applications) Used for welding as well as weld overlay to provide surface properties equal to or greater than the base metal Superior wear and galling compared to cobalt and high nickel alloys Heli-Coil - Single Insert, #8-32 UNC, 2D, Nitronic 60 The Heli-Coil Single Insert, #8-32 UNC, 2D, Nitronic 60 Stainless Steel Screw Locking Insert 8-3/8 Free Coils, 0.328 Inch Overall Length, 0.205 to 0.22 Inch Outside Diameter, with Tang, 18-8 MACHINING DATA OF NITRONIC® - HPALLOY20 rows · Nitronic 60 Annealed:40:24:Nitronic 60 Grade A or Level 1:38:23:Nitronic 60 Grade B or Level 2:36:22:Nitronic 60 Grade C or Level 3:32:19:Nitronic 60 Grade D or Level 4:28:17:Nitronic 60 Grade E or Level 5:25:15:17-4 PH soln treated:75:45:17-4 PH aged:60:36:These machinability ratios must be recognized as approximate values.

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Nitronic 60 Machinability. Slow speeds, positive feeds and abundant resulfurized lubricant is significant to success in machinability of Nitronic 60. Speeds and feeds are comparable to those employed with 316 or 317 stainless steels are appropriate here. Each and N-60 - Rolled Alloys, Inc.N-60 N-60 is known for its excellent galling resistance, even at elevated temperatures. The additions of 4% silicon and 8% manganese inhibit wear, galling, and fretting. It is commonly used for various fasteners and pins that require strength and resistance to galling. NITRONIC 60 (Alloy 218) (UNS S21800) Wear and Galling Nitronic 60 is truly an all purpose metal. This fully austenitic alloy was originally designed as a temperature alloy, and subsequently has good high temperature properties for temperatures around 1800ºF. The oxidation resistance of Nitronic 60 is similar to

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Nitronic 60 is a stainless steel metal with very suitable performance characteristics for industrial, machining and metal working applications. Nitronic 60 is one of the most widely used stainless steel grades on the market and is resistant to wear and tear. Nitronic 60 (S21800) is a kind of stainless steel. It has been produced to increase the Nitronic 60 Book - HPALLOYNITRONIC 60 Stainless Steel has performed successfully in elevated temperature service for valve trim. Several austenitic stainless steels were evaluated as stems and bushings in an automotive emissions control butterfly valve. However, only NITRONIC 60 operated Nitronic 60 Round Bar AMS 5848 Nitronic 60 Plate Nitronic 60 is an austenitic stainless steel that has a better resistance to corrosion than 304 stainless steel. Nitronic 60 also has superior Chloride pitting resistance to 316 stainless steel. Yield strength of Nitronic 60 is twice what 304 and 316 at room temperature. Through the cold working process N60 can attain higher strengths.

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Nitronic 60 Stainless Steel SupplierRagavendra Engineering offers Nitronic 60 stainless steel stock in a variety of shapes including round bars, square bars, hex bars and mill flats. Nitronic 60 is a S21800 stainless steel grade austenitic metal with versatile performance characteristics that make it suitable for a very wide range of industrial Nitronic 60 Stainless Steel Austral WrightNitronic 60 is a nitrogen strengthened austenitic stainless steel, with outstanding strength and resistance to wear and galling. It has corrosion resistance better than 304, and pitting resistance better than 316. It is also available in bar as a high strength version, Nitronic 60 HS. Nitronic 60 UNS S21800 / AMS 5848 - Aircraft MaterialsNitronic 60 is a high Silicon, high Manganese, Nitrogen strengthened austenitic stainless alloy. Nitronic 60 is an all purpose metal that was originally designed as a temperature alloy and therefore performs well at high temperature around 1800ºF.

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Nitronic® 60 may be formed by the same methods used with other austenitic stainless steels. However the alloy is stronger and requires more power for forming and forging. Forging should be accomplished after heating to 2150F. Additional reheats will be required relative to Type 316. In-process annealing for fabrication or forming may be done at 1900F to