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Automatic air vent valve for solar systems with unscrewable cover for inspection. Body and cover of brass CW617N, EN 1265-99. Polyethylene float. Seal between reservoir and cover with O-ring. Connection DN 3/8" - 1/2" DIN - ISO 228/1. Stainless steel (AISI 304), vaccum breaker (only for DN 3/8"). Max. operating pressure:12 bar. Max. temperature:160°C. Air Vent Head Valve sourcing, purchasing, procurement Product Brief:DN50-650 Type Approval Tank Vent Valve Materia of Air Vent Head:Body material cast iron, and stainless steel protection screen, float disc or float ball inside the body .


For selection of suitable stainless steel material the pitting resistance equivalent number (PREN) W = %Cr + 3.3%Mo + 16 %N, shall not be less than 30. In case of aluminium, sea water suitable casting alloys, e.g. EN AC-51400 (AlMg5(si)), shall be used. 1.2 Air vent heads made of galvanized steels shall be protected by hot dip galvanizing. China Air Vent Head, Air Vent Head Manufacturers Made-in-China is a B2B platform for global buyers to source Chinese Air Vent Head products and Chinese Air Vent Head manufacturers. You can send your questions like minimum quantity to our suppliers by clicking the red button Contact Now. Many of our suppliers products are flexible and sometimes only 1 is needed. DISC FLOAT TYPE () - SWC type. - Body :Ductile Cast Iron. - Disc Float :Stainless Steel, Duplex. - Size :65~450A. () . Air Vent Head. BALL FLOAT TYPE. Air Vent Head. ICE CLASS TYPE.


The outer chamber is connected to the top of air pipe line by means of flange type connection, and the inner chamber has side opening through which air flows freely at normal condition, but when water is coming into the Air Vent Head, the stainless steel disk ball or float close up the opening of the outer chamber and the entered water is drained through side openings. Damaged Air Vent Head Officer of the WatchMar 01, 2013 · A cheap air vent head can become an expensive experience. The trend seems to be to buy the least expensive vent heads for newbuildings. This often means stainless steel type 304 as an accepted material quality for the floats according to present requirements (Load Line and IACS UR P3). Floating Disc-Vent plate for Air Pipe Head 250Amarine stainless steel air pipe head, stainless steel vent cap floating disc/gasket rubber/floating ball aluminum alloy air pipe head,air vent head 533hfb/533hfo-air vent head,air pipe head 53c/53bw-air vent head,air pipe head air pipe head,air vent head cb/t3594-94 fkm-marine air pipe head, breathable cap pipeform disc /halfball float air vent head jis-ks91a-121 5k/10kair vent head,air pipe head 53on/53bn-air pipe heads,air vent head welding type gooseneck ari pipe head


a) Float and Thermostatic Traps:ASTM A 278, Class 30 cast iron body and bolted cap; renewable, stainless steel float mechanism, with renewable, hardened stainless steel head and seat; balanced pressure thermostatic air vent made of stainless steel or monel bellows with stainless steel head JIS5K AIR VENT HEAD JIS-KS91A-121 TYPE Disc Float TypeJIS5K AIR VENT HEAD JIS-KS91A-121 TYPEDisc Float Type PROMET VALVES AUSTRALIA 1A Green Road Woodville West SA 5011 Australia / Tel:+61 8 8268 1777 / Fax:+61 8 8268 1711 [email protected] / prometvalves / ABN 47 096 425 697 Marine Cast Iron 53ON Air Vent Head, Buy JIS Marine Air Air Vent Head can be called as air pipe head, is used for the ventilation of the oil tank or water tank on the vessel. Design Standard:JIS F3012-1990 Test Standard:JIS 7400-1996 Flange size as per JIS B2220 - 5K * The flange size also can be manufactured according to 10K, 16K.

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Float & Thermostatic steam traps contain a sealed stainless steel thermostatic air vent and stainless steel ball float. The thermostatic air vent is open at start-up to discharge large volumes of air to the condensate return. As steam enters the trap body the air vent closes.WBT TANK ARIE VENT DISC FLOAT NO.FKM-350A When the air pipe head / ballast cap of the tank is immersed in the water under the condition of vertical and tilt 40 degrees, the stainless breathable cap float / stainless steel ventilating cap float / stainless steel ventilating cap can float in a flash and contact the sealing seat. The sealing degree can effectively prevent the water flow into the air / overflow pipe and delay the intake time of the cabinets.